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Ileoanal Pouch

This operation is usually performed for people with ulcerative colitis or familial Bowel Cancer and the whole large bowel down to the anus is removed, but the anal sphincter muscles kept. A Pouch in the shape of a J is made from the small bowel and attached to the anus. A temporary Ileostomy is made which is usually only needed for a period of about six weeks. People with an Ileoanal Pouch normally pass about 6 bowel motions per day with good control of their bowels and lead a normal active life. Most people with a Pouch or Ulcerative Collitis will have at least one attack of Pouchitis, an inflammation of the Pouch which is normally easily treated by antibiotics. Some people get a more chronic form where probiotics can be helpful. About 5% of people with a Pouch may need their Pouch removed over a lifetime for a variety of reasons including infection around the Pouch, a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease or very severe Pouchitis.


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Most people with an ileoanal pouch will have an episode of inflammation in the pouch at some stage. This is thought to be due to the imbalance of normal bacteria in the ileal pouch resulting in inflammation. Most cases are mild and are either self limiting or can be treated with antibiotics such as Metronidazole. Probiotics have also been proven to be useful in reducing attacks. Whilst there are many brands on the market only one brand (VSL3) has been formally tested. Other proprietary brands containing very high counts of Lactobacillus species may also be useful but are untested.

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